Holland Christian Home History

history_01Over the course of our 120-year history, the Holland Christian Home has continually grown and evolved.  The Home began in 1895 in a wooden dormitory in Paterson, NJ, where residents shared in the housework, grew their own vegetables, and supplied their own milk from the Home’s cow.

Today residents are blessed with a fully updated three-story building in North Haledon complete with modern amenities.

More impressive than all the improvements, though, are those things that have remained rock solid throughout the years:  our commitment to the well-being of our residents through devoted care, a warm and homelike atmosphere, and Christian fellowship.

history_02As you look through our web site, enjoy a glimpse into the life of the Home as it is today. Behind the photos and text, you can see the values that have motivated generations of individuals and families to devote themselves to this ministry.  We thank God for His faithfulness every day through countless residents, staff, volunteers, and donors.  And we believe you will agree that this is a remarkable community!

We invite you to join the Holland Christian Home family as we greet the future with faith and hope!